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E- Bikes


Ebikes are fun to ride. So they must be easy to insure too right?

                                         Well it depends on many factors. E-bikes are put into different classes based on mostly speed. These classes are 1, 2, 3. 1 being the slowest speed. For an example is that a class 1 is pedal assist only. Class 2 would have pedal assist and a throttle. Class 3 could be pedal assist only and or have a throttle but is able to go higher speeds. 

                                        Some insurance companies will cover them as a scheduled item because of their value. Some insurance will include them with homeowners liability if you should cause an accident you are at fault for. Others may want you to have a separate policy much like a motorcycle with uninsured and underinsured coverages much like a car would. 

            With all this fun I would ask your insurance agent what type of coverage do you have, what you need, and what would they recommend.

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