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Donuts are like Car Insurance


Yes that’s right donuts are like car insurance in many ways. You could have a raised donut as in you drive a car. Then you say you drive 5 miles to work. That is also another category for donuts too. So when you say I have a raised donut for a type of car. Then we ask about your car if it is glazed, sugar, powder, crumb, vanilla sprinkle, pink sprinkle, chocolate raise, chocolate sprinkle. Also the vehicle identification number or VIN# may give all that actual details too.  That will let us know that your car that we are insuring has filling of lemon, blueberry, cream, chocolate, boston cream, apple or raspberry glaze. 

            It doesn’t end there for car insurance and donuts. What if you said you had a car that you used for business? Should we quote it for commercial car insurance? Maybe because you now have a cake donut! So will that be glazed, choco, buttermilk, maple buttermilk, choco buttermilk, blueberry, glazed devil food, plain, crumb, or toasted coconut?  Do worry you are not the first person we have worked with for insurance. We will help you by being your advisor to cover situations to keep you on track. 

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