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Comedian Brad Williams helps raise over $75,000 for bullied 9-year-old
BRISBANE, Australia (WFLA/KRON) – A 9-year-old who took the internet by storm after an emotional viral video posted on social media this week will soon be spending time at Disneyland. Comedian Brad Williams, who also has Dwarfism, saw the story of Quaden and it hit close to home. So he decided to help raise money to help send Quaden and his mother from Australia to Disneyland in California. https://twitter.com/funnybrad/status/1230352140859670528?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw%7Ctwcamp%5Etweetembed%7Ctwterm%5E1230352140859670528&ref_url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.wfla.com%2Fnews%2Fviral-news%2Fcomedian-brad-williams-helps-raise-over-75000-for-bullied-9-year-old%2F The fundraiser in just under 24 hours helped raise over $75,000 […]

POSTED FEBRUARY 21, 2020 3:32 PM
College pole vaulter’s gut-wrenching groin injury video goes viral
PROVO, Utah (KTVX) — Brigham Young University pole vaulter Zach McWhorter, is going viral on TikTok — but at a painful price. McWhorter, a 21-year-old student, was practicing his pole vaulting skills when he suffered an excruciating injury. The video shows his pole essentially impaling his scrotum during what began as a normal vault. Apparently, the pole had fallen the wrong way. According to Fox Sports, the athlete’s dad rushed him to the hospital where he received 18 stitches. Luckily, […]

POSTED FEBRUARY 21, 2020 3:28 PM
Novel coronavirus deaths top 2,200 as number of new cases in China rises again
Hopes for a slowdown in the spread of the novel coronavirus were dashed Friday as the number of new cases rose in China, and outbreaks worsened in Japan and South Korea. Authorities in China’s Hubei province confirmed an additional 411 cases of the virus Thursday morning, 62 more than the previous day, taking the total number of cases at the epicenter of the outbreak to 62,442. Later Thursday, provincial authorities upgraded that figure to 631, after changing the criteria to include figures […]

POSTED FEBRUARY 21, 2020 3:23 PM
Enter for your chance to win 4 tickets to shows coming to the Wisconsin State Fair!
The Wisconsin State Fair has announced more shows coming this summer, Bethel Music, Brothers Osborne with Ryan Hurd, and Boyz ll Men with Ginuwine! You can win 4 tickets to each before they go on sale this Friday, February  28, 2020! Bethel Music (8/10/2020) Brothers Osborne with Ryan Hurd (8/12/2020) Boyz ll Men with Ginuwine (8/14/2020) Total Estimated Value $540 Click Here to Enter Sweepstakes Details: Participants are eligible to enter once between February 21, 2020-February 27, 2020. Drawing: The […]

POSTED FEBRUARY 21, 2020 3:00 PM
Honoring Milwaukee’s fallen heroes: MPD looking to send officers to Washington D.C. for National Police Week
MILWAUKEE — The Milwaukee Police Department is looking to send officers to Washington, D.C. for National Police Week. Milwaukee Police Department Lieutenant Erik Gulbrandson and MPD Chaplain George Papachristou join FOX6 WakeUp to talk about this weekend’s fundraiser for the ride. Your contribution will help pay for flights, lodging, and all other expenses to send Milwaukee Officers to Washington DC for 2020 National Police Week. Last year, they were able to raise over $15,000 for this cause, and they hope […]

POSTED FEBRUARY 21, 2020 2:43 PM
Future Forecaster: Meet 8-year-old Kerrington
He wanted to be a Future Forecaster — and that’s exactly what FOX6 WakeUp News is helping him accomplish. Meet 8-year-old Kerrinton. FOX6 and Meteorologist Rob Haswell are looking for some smart, fun, outgoing and weather-loving kids to help with the weather forecasts Friday mornings on WakeUp News. If you have a 6 to 12-year-old child who is into weather and wants to show his or her stuff, then we want to hear from you! CLICK HERE IF YOUR CHILD […]

POSTED FEBRUARY 21, 2020 2:33 PM
February 21, 2020
Look who is turning six years old Friday, Feb. 21, 2020.

POSTED FEBRUARY 21, 2020 1:42 PM
Zillow is losing millions on selling homes, but its risk-taking CEO isn’t worried
Zillow has long been known as the place to go when you’re looking to buy a new home. It’s famous for its Zestimate, which uses proprietary algorithms to estimate the current price of your house (or your neighbor’s, if you’re feeling nosy). But Zillow decided to shake things up. In April 2018, the company announced it was launching Zillow Offers and would purchase homes directly from sellers, doing any necessary repairs before turning around to resell the house itself. The model, known […]

POSTED FEBRUARY 21, 2020 1:29 PM
Pediatrician: Several vaccines at once might be too much for parents, but kids are just fine
Editor’s note: Dr. Edith Bracho-Sanchez is a primary care pediatrician and assistant professor of pediatrics at Columbia University Irving Medical Center. “Your child is due for shots today,” is frequently followed in my practice by a grimace and a visible tightening of parents’ hold on their baby. Then comes my rehearsed recital of the diseases against which we are protecting the baby through vaccination and lastly, I lay out the total number of shots due. That is when the bargaining […]

POSTED FEBRUARY 21, 2020 1:26 PM
A 15-month-old was reported missing this week — two months after she was last seen
TENNESSEE — Tennessee authorities are looking for a 15-month-old who was last seen two months ago. An AMBER alert was issued for Evelyn Mae Boswell who was reported missing this week. But according to the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI), she was last seen on December 26. “The day before yesterday, a family member of this missing child reported in a department of children’s services referral about the child being missing,” Sullivan County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Capt. Andy Seabolt told […]

POSTED FEBRUARY 21, 2020 1:24 PM

The Bobber

Keeping Wisconsin Families Safe Online

Technology allows us to be constantly connected, and no age group knows this better than our children and teenagers. In fact, a recent Pew Research study showed that 95% of U.S. teens have access to smartphones and 45% are online almost constantly! It can seem overwhelming to think about how to manage the devices, the […]

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POSTED FEBRUARY 17, 2020 8:02 PM
4 Scenic Wisconsin Walking Tours

No matter the season, we all need to get outside for some fresh air and clear our heads. A great way to do that is by exploring new areas and learning about the deep Wisconsin history along the way. Each of these tours offers a very different experience, and each has its own unique story […]

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POSTED FEBRUARY 14, 2020 10:41 PM
10 Experiences in the Castle Rock Lake Area

Bordering both Juneau and Adams counties, Castle Rock Lake is at the heart of this area with over 60 miles of beautiful blue shoreline. Castle Rock Lake is the fourth largest in the state and is perfect for anglers, boaters and lake-life lovers. From backyard and beachside to gather round and giddy up, the Castle […]

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POSTED FEBRUARY 07, 2020 10:36 PM
10 Exciting Excursions in Richland Center

Nestled in the heart of the Driftless Area of southwestern Wisconsin lies Richland Center. Historic architecture is scattered throughout the town with “National Register of Historic Places” plaques proudly displayed on exteriors left and right. Downtown is home to inviting shop fronts and numerous family-friendly events are held throughout the year. The Ocoooch mountain range […]

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POSTED JANUARY 31, 2020 11:38 PM
Our Favorite Curds to Crawl For in Wisconsin

Here in Wisconsin, we know a thing or two about cheese curds and when it comes to serving them up fried and delicious, there’s no shortage of places to go and nosh on them! In fact, cheese curds are such a favorite people have been organizing curd crawls across the state to try the best […]

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POSTED JANUARY 24, 2020 10:51 PM
Why Lifestyle Matters to Our Long Term Health

Have you heard of Pottenger’s Cats? If you haven’t, prepare yourself for a paradigm shift in how you view food, nutrition, and generational heredity. Pottenger’s Cats is a reference to a scientific study conducted by Francis M. Pottenger from 1932 to 1942.  Pottenger, a scientist studying adrenal hormones on cats, accidentally stumbled upon a finding […]

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POSTED JANUARY 23, 2020 8:48 PM
10 Ways to Enjoy Menomonie Year Round

Perhaps best known for being home to UW Stout, the city of Menomonie is the perfect destination for outdoor enthusiasts, theater lovers, foodies and beer connoisseurs alike. No matter what time of the year you visit, Menomonie has plenty to keep you busy! Here are 10 of our favorite things to do in Menomonie: Have […]

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POSTED JANUARY 17, 2020 5:37 PM
8 Things To Do With The Oneida Nation

Amelia Cornelius Culture Park The center of Oneida culture, this  open-air heritage center has historic homes that visitors can walk through and learn about Oneida history. Also the site of Big Apple Fest, and throughout the year they’ll feature ancestral plays!   Oneida Museum Just down the road in De Pere is the Oneida Nation […]

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POSTED JANUARY 10, 2020 10:23 PM
Our Favorite Wisconsin-Made Items to Start the New Year Right

January is a time for new beginnings and fun resolutions! Whether you’re trying to get healthier, take up new hobbies, or just spend more time with your friends and family, we’ve teamed up with Something Special from Wisconsin to share locally made goods, places, and activities to help you make 2020 your best year yet. […]

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POSTED JANUARY 07, 2020 9:36 PM
Deck the Halls with these Wisconsin-Made Gifts and Goodies

It’s the most wonderful time of year here in Wisconsin! Lights are being hung and carols are being sung across the state and family and friends are gathering together to celebrate the season. And in case you haven’t finished your holiday shopping yet, we’ve rounded up eight of the most festive Wisconsin companies who can […]

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POSTED DECEMBER 12, 2019 3:46 PM

Why are Fewer Americans Giving Money to Charity?
Fewer Americans are giving money to charity, and their relationship with God may have something to do with it.

POSTED FEBRUARY 17, 2020 6:00 PM
What’s Happens to Digital Assets, When You’re Gone?
Until now, the terms of service for each individual site have determined who has ownership and access after a death and whether the assets are deleted, frozen or can be transferred.

POSTED FEBRUARY 10, 2020 6:00 PM
Estate Planning: Remaining Even and Fair in Distribution
We have money in savings and retirement accounts, but our most valuable asset is our home. We want to leave our property to our two children equally.

POSTED FEBRUARY 03, 2020 6:00 PM
A Last Will or Living Trust: What’s Better To Accomplish My Goals?
Last wills and testaments, which were invented centuries ago, are the most famous estate-planning documents.

POSTED JANUARY 27, 2020 6:00 PM
Probate: What’s Your Experience Been in Handling These Matters?
Probate can be a complicated process. The attorneys at Krause Donovan have the tools and experience to effortlessly guide you through the process.

POSTED JANUARY 20, 2020 6:00 PM
What Do I Need in My Estate Plan in Addition to a Will?
This time of year, families gather to celebrate the season, offering an opportunity to air your plans for the inevitable.

POSTED JANUARY 13, 2020 6:00 PM
Don’t Ask Heirs to Guess What You Wanted—Have an Estate Plan
Passing away without an estate plan is a huge mistake that can tie up your estate for years in probate.

POSTED JANUARY 06, 2020 6:00 PM
Do Name Changes Need to Be Reflected in Your Estate Plan?
The fact is people’s names often change. People get married and divorced or sometimes just legally change their names.

POSTED DECEMBER 30, 2019 6:00 PM
CEO-Perspective Means Taking Charge of Your Retirement
They are thinkers, taking the same traits, habits and vision that make them effective in running a company, and applying those to the way they manage their investment portfolios.

POSTED DECEMBER 23, 2019 6:00 PM
What Did Chicago PD Actress Receive from her Mom’s Boyfriend’s Will?
A new court filing designed to prevent the mistress of John R. Jakobson from testifying that he promised to leave Chicago PD actress Marina Squerciati some of his $100 million fortune, states the Wall Street mogul said she would get a 'big surprise' in his will.

POSTED DECEMBER 18, 2019 6:00 PM

Miss Northerner

Washburn Trails, Rhinelander, WI
washburn trails rhinelander wisconsin

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POSTED FEBRUARY 04, 2020 7:11 PM
Bond Falls | Upper Peninsula of Michigan
bond falls michigan

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POSTED JANUARY 27, 2020 7:42 PM
Now Selling Wisconsin Prints!
wisconsin photography prints

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POSTED JANUARY 21, 2020 7:43 PM
The Foxglove Inn
the foxglove inn sturgeon bay door county wisconsin

In mid-December, my mom and I escaped the Northwoods for a few days and fled to the Door County town of Sturgeon Bay. We were staying for two nights at The Foxglove Inn, a stately bed & breakfast nestled within the historic district just steps from downtown.

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POSTED DECEMBER 31, 2019 2:41 PM
The Hilton Garden Inn Wausau
the hilton garden inn wausau

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POSTED DECEMBER 19, 2019 2:15 PM
Choosing Our Christmas Tree

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POSTED DECEMBER 12, 2019 2:31 PM
A Map of All the Wisconsin Winter Candlelight Hikes

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POSTED DECEMBER 05, 2019 4:47 PM
Canning Jalapenos
canning jalapenos

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POSTED DECEMBER 02, 2019 2:19 PM
Northwoods Travel Guide
wisconsin northwoods travel guide

The post Northwoods Travel Guide appeared first on Miss Northerner.

POSTED NOVEMBER 14, 2019 2:22 PM

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POSTED NOVEMBER 04, 2019 2:03 PM

Wisconsin DNR Weekly News

Bird Crisis Reinvigorates Statewide Bird Conservation Coalition
- - - - - MADISON, Wis. - With North American bird populations plunging 30% over the past 50 years, and one in five Wisconsin birds at risk of extinction, a state bird conservation coalition is rebooting with new energy to stem declines and enhance critical habitat statewide for birds. - - - The Wisconsin Bird Conservation Partnership - formerly the Wisconsin Bird Conservation Initiative - is getting a new look. The Wisconsin Bird Conservation Partnership has hired well-known bird expert and environmental scientist, Tom Prestby, to help maximize benefits for birds at 93 sites designated as Important Bird Areas or IBAs.

POSTED FEBRUARY 20, 2020 10:03 AM
Fall Waterfowl Hunting Season Public Hearing Schedule Available Now
- Waterfowl hunters are encouraged to participate in season structure hearings this springPhoto credit: Matt Gross - - MADISON, Wis. - Public hearings for Wisconsin's proposed 2020 waterfowl season structure will be held March 9-12. After public comments have been collected, the final season structure will be set by the Natural Resources Board at its Apr. 9-10 meeting in Madison. - - "The 2020 waterfowl seasons will be based on the 2019 continental waterfowl population estimates, which were at near-record estimates since U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) surveys began 64 years ago. With above-average precipitation last fall and this winter in Wisconsin, we expect populations to remain high in 2020. If we have favorable conditions this fall, hunters can expect good waterfowl hunting opportunities," said Taylor Finger, DNR migratory game bird ecologist.

POSTED FEBRUARY 20, 2020 10:03 AM
Attention Trappers: Changes To Otter Season
- Wisconsin trappers will now receive two otter permits with their trapping license.Photo credit: DNR - - MADISON, Wis. - The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources will shift to a bag limit/quota in November. This change is intended to simplify regulations while maintaining safeguards that ensure the river otter population remains abundant. - - "River otters are found throughout the state and appear to be thriving," said Dr. Nathan Roberts, DNR furbearer research scientist. "We use multiple information sources to assess otter populations and the sustainability of otter harvests."

POSTED FEBRUARY 20, 2020 10:03 AM
Natural Resources Board Monthly Meeting Feb. 26 In Madison
- [EDITOR'S ADVISORY: This news release has been updated to clarify that remote access for the board meeting is at the Rhinelander DNR Service Center.]MADISON, Wis. -- The Wisconsin Natural Resources Board will meet beginning at 8:30 a.m. on Wednesday, Feb. 26, at the State Natural Resources Building (GEF 2), 101 S. Webster St, Madison.

POSTED FEBRUARY 20, 2020 10:03 AM
DNR Recommends Avoiding Feeding Deer
- Managing healthy habitat is a sustainable, long-term strategy for helping deer through winter.Photo credit: DNR - - MADISON, Wis. - Despite relatively mild winter conditions, the sight of snow and cold temperatures often results in a desire for Wisconsinites to feed deer and other wildlife that typically adapt both physically and behaviorally to even the harshest winter weather. - - Residents and landowners should consider the negative - and sometimes harmful - impacts of feeding wildlife. Consider alternatives that provide long-term benefits to help wildlife through a cold and snowy winter season.

POSTED FEBRUARY 20, 2020 10:03 AM

madison.com - RSS Results of type article with keyword(s) of #topstory

Terrorism, workplace violence among possible motives in California mass shooting, FBI says
San Bernardino Police Chief Jarrod Burguan identified one dead suspect as Syed Rizwan Farook, 28, the other as Tashfeen Malik, 27, his wife or fiancee.

POSTED DECEMBER 03, 2015 7:30 AM
Q&A about dead suspects in California mass shooting
Co-workers told the Los Angeles Times that Syed Rizwan Farook was a devout Muslim but didn't talk about religion at work.

POSTED DECEMBER 03, 2015 7:25 AM
Hunt for California attackers: "They were on a mission"
At least two heavily armed attackers opened fire on a banquet at a social services center for the disabled Wednesday, killing 14 people and seriously wounding more than a dozen others in a precision assault that looked "as if they…

POSTED DECEMBER 02, 2015 9:00 PM
3 killed, 9 wounded, suspect arrested in attack at Colorado Planned Parenthood
A gunman burst into a Planned Parenthood clinic and opened fire, launching several gunbattles and an hourslong standoff with police as patients and staff took cover under furniture and inside locked rooms.

POSTED NOVEMBER 28, 2015 6:30 AM
Mr. Brews Taphouse eases strain on wallet

POSTED NOVEMBER 18, 2015 11:27 PM
Yeah, I Ate That: Peaches 'n' Cream Hot Dog at The Wiener Shop
Attention must be paid, deference must be shown to the weird and wonderful dogs served at the Gilman St. spot.

Chat about the German thriller 'Phoenix' with Cap Times film critic Rob Thomas
The talk will take place after the Tuesday, Sept. 1 evening screening of the film at Sundance Cinemas.

Coming Attractions: PHOX, Drive-By Truckers, Deerhunter
Indie-folk group PHOX and alt-country group Drive-By Truckers are among recently announced acts coming to Madison.

POSTED SEPTEMBER 01, 2015 12:00 PM
Bingeworthy: Netflix's addictive 'Narcos' trafficks in familiar themes
Netflix’s “Narcos” follows the rise and fall of Pablo Escobar, whose Medellin cartel at one point controlled the bulk of the global cocaine trade in the 1980s.

'Diary of a Teenage Girl' is a frank and funny tale of growing up
This is not an exercise in style, but a refreshingly honest film, both funny and sad, about growing up female in all its messy complexity and wonder.

POSTED AUGUST 31, 2015 10:00 AM

www.unifiednewsgroup.com - RSS Results in oregon_observer of type article

Oregon Area Chamber of Commerce Fall Business Expo set for Oct. 15
Local businesses will showcase their goods and services at the Oregon Area Chamber of Commerce Fall Business Expo next week.

POSTED OCTOBER 09, 2019 6:00 AM
Photos of Oregon Homecoming Festivities
Last week, the Oregon School District celebrated its annual homecoming events.

POSTED OCTOBER 09, 2019 6:00 AM
Annual Oregon in Motion set for Oct. 4
To help energize your body before the Oregon High School homecoming game, walk laps around the track with the Oregon Area Wellness Coalition.

POSTED OCTOBER 02, 2019 6:00 AM
The annual Oregon Area Fire and EMS breakfast returns Oct. 6
Stop, drop and have some pancakes with local EMS and firefighters.

POSTED OCTOBER 02, 2019 6:02 AM
St. John’s Smorgasbord set for Oct. 3
For more than half a century, St. John’s church has hosted a turkey Smorgasbord to support community organizations.

OHS grad Cruz wants to advocate for walkability, affordability as village planner
Five years ago, Elise Cruz found herself in a boardroom presenting to the mayor of Ashland, the city manager and a room of lawyers to save an 1,800 foot, historic ore dock threatened to be torn down by Canadian National…

Oregon firefighters tackle a controlled burn on Sept. 7
Oregon Fire Department completed a controlled burn exercise on Saturday, Sept. 7.

OHS student a National Merit semifinalist
Oregon High School senior Nora McGinty is a semifinalist for the National Merit Scholarship.

Discover Oregon Scavenger Hunt set for Sept. 21
Update: The Discover Oregon Scavenger Hunt is delayed due to weather. The event is rescheduled for Saturday, Sept. 28.

Oregon School District test scores above state averages in 2018-19
Oregon School District students performed better than students statewide on the Wisconsin Forward Exam last year.



What We Watch: Sigrid Peterson
Sigrid Peterson, online content editor for Wisconsin Public Television, manages much of the content that livens up WPT’s web presence. Read on for some of Sig’s top public TV picks! What are some of your favorite public TV shows? I’m part of our Online & Digital unit, and consequently I love the programs we call “digital … Continue reading What We Watch: Sigrid Peterson

POSTED AUGUST 20, 2019 7:52 PM
Tune In: American Experience: Woodstock – Three Days That Defined A Generation
Fifty years after half a million young people journeyed to a dairy farm in upstate New York for a concert, a new American Experience film, Woodstock: Three Days That Defined a Generation examines the tumultuous decade that led to the historic musical festival – and the stories behind the cultural event that became the defining … Continue reading Tune In: American Experience: Woodstock – Three Days That Defined A Generation

POSTED AUGUST 06, 2019 9:50 PM
Nobel Laureate Toni Morrison, a literary giant whose work transcended race and time, has died at the age of 88 after a brief illness. Wisconsin Public Television has shared many reflections on Morrison and her work over the years. Read on to find more. The author of many critically acclaimed novels, Morrison received the Pulitzer … Continue reading REMEMBERING TONI MORRISON

POSTED AUGUST 06, 2019 5:16 PM
Quilt Expo 2019: Sept. 5-7 in Madison, Wisconsin
Tickets are now on sale for the ultimate quilting adventure! Join us Sept. 5-7 in Madison for the 15th annual Quilt Expo, presented by Wisconsin Public Television and Nancy Zieman Productions. Did you know that more than 20,000 quilting and sewing enthusiasts gather in Madison, Wisconsin each year for the Wisconsin Public Television Quilt Expo? Quilt … Continue reading Quilt Expo 2019: Sept. 5-7 in Madison, Wisconsin

POSTED JULY 24, 2019 2:03 PM
Friends of WPT Board: Meet Masood Akhtar
Elected to the Board of the Friends of Wisconsin Public Television just a few months ago, Masood Akhtar, of Middleton, is adding service to WPT to his already impressive list of activities. Read on to learn more about this community activist and the experience he hopes to bring to the Board! A scientist who has … Continue reading Friends of WPT Board: Meet Masood Akhtar

POSTED JULY 18, 2019 1:00 PM
Q&A: Thomas Allen Harris, Family Pictures USA
We know our family history through the images we retain: albums, videos, memories. What kind of story do these images tell when we look at the bigger picture? Premiering Aug. 12 and 13 on PBS, the three-part series Family Pictures USA explores American communities through the lens of family photo albums, unearthing rich personal stories … Continue reading Q&A: Thomas Allen Harris, Family Pictures USA

POSTED JULY 12, 2019 11:36 PM
Meet Molly of Denali!
The newest PBS Kids star debuts Monday, July 15 – and she’s already breaking new ground. Molly of Denali follows the adventures of feisty and resourceful 10-year-old Molly Mabray, an Alaska Native girl who lives in an Alaskan village. The animated series premieres 7:30 a.m. Monday, July 15 on Wisconsin Public Television, as well as on the PBS … Continue reading Meet Molly of Denali!

POSTED JULY 10, 2019 10:00 PM
Look to the stars: Summer of Space is here!
As we near the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing on July 20, 1969, PBS brings viewers the Summer of Space: a celestial programming spectacle sure to excite any space enthusiast. Read on for details of special broadcasts, online exclusives and more! ONLINE SPECIAL CONTENT PBS Digital Studios on Facebook: Stellar | Trailer … Continue reading Look to the stars: Summer of Space is here!

POSTED JUNE 25, 2019 8:49 PM
What We Watch: Mouna Algahaithi
Mouna Algahaithi, WPT’s new education engagement specialist, started at the station as an education and community engagement intern in May of 2018. She’s been full-time since last January, working on WPT Education programs such as implementing Ready to Learn curricula around the state as well as bigger events such as Get Up and Go. Read on … Continue reading What We Watch: Mouna Algahaithi

POSTED JUNE 21, 2019 1:41 PM
What We Watch: Deb Piper
Deb Piper, producer and manager of remote production, has worked in public broadcasting for 30 years – almost all of it right here at Wisconsin Public Television. She’s particularly proud of the miles our crews have traveled throughout the state, capturing music in intriguing venues. One of them includes beautiful Madeline Island in Lake Superior, … Continue reading What We Watch: Deb Piper

POSTED JUNE 06, 2019 3:46 PM


UW-Madison’s Brian Burt to be inducted into Martin Luther King Jr. Collegium of Scholars
Burt's current research falls into two strands: understanding team-based science and exploring the experiences of underrepresented graduate students of color in engineering. Through his research, Burt seeks to provide new ways to understand science participation and the experiences that might promote or turn students away from science pathways.

POSTED FEBRUARY 21, 2020 3:04 PM
UW–Madison scientists part of $12.8 million effort to improve cranberries and blueberries
Ultimately, enhanced DNA tools will allow breeders to select the qualities they want in the berries and more quickly incorporate them into new cultivars.

POSTED FEBRUARY 20, 2020 3:06 PM
UW–Madison names Kindle to lead enrollment management
Derek Kindle, director of the Office of Student Financial Aid since 2016, will become vice provost for enrollment management. He has more than 18 years of experience in higher education and is active in national organizations.

POSTED FEBRUARY 20, 2020 2:00 PM
Baldwin, nominated by UW–Madison and Marquette, wins ‘Champion of Science’ award
The award honors members of Congress whose actions and votes consistently reflect their commitment to fundamental science through funding investment for federal research agencies.

POSTED FEBRUARY 20, 2020 2:00 PM
13 Demands: The 1969 Black Student Strike
In February 1969, black students at UW–Madison, propelled by longstanding grievances and fresh flash points, called for a campus-wide student strike until administrators agreed to 13 demands.

POSTED FEBRUARY 19, 2020 10:43 PM
WATCH: ’69 strike leader to speak at spring commencement
John Felder, a leader of the 1969 Black Student Strike, will be the alumni speaker at UW's 2020 spring commencement.

POSTED FEBRUARY 19, 2020 10:41 PM
WATCH: Mystery solved!
The spring 2020 commencement speaker is...

POSTED FEBRUARY 19, 2020 10:40 PM
Novelist James Patterson to give commencement keynote; John Felder will be alumni speaker
Author James Patterson will give the spring commencement keynote address; joining him on stage will be alumni speaker John Felder, an organizer of the Black Student Strike of 1969.

POSTED FEBRUARY 19, 2020 10:30 PM
New engineering professor outsmarted doubters, and Twitter loves it
Steffi Diem's viral tweet has been liked by nearly 50,000 people and retweeted more than 2,000 times, and hundreds are sharing their own stories of succeeding despite the doubts of others — and themselves.

POSTED FEBRUARY 19, 2020 8:00 AM
Sen. Tammy Baldwin wins ‘Champion of Science’ award with nomination from UW-Madison, Marquette
The award honors members of Congress whose actions and votes consistently reflect their commitment to fundamental science through funding investment for federal research agencies.

POSTED FEBRUARY 18, 2020 7:01 PM

On Ice Promotions Events with tag(s): Oregon Ice Arena

Friday February 28, 2020: Dread Pirates
Date: Friday February 28, 2020
Time: 6:50pm - 7:50pm
Tag(s): Oregon Ice Arena, Oregon Ice Arena, Oregon Ice Arena, Oregon Ice Arena, Oregon Ice Arena, Oregon Ice Arena, Oregon Ice Arena

POSTED FEBRUARY 28, 2020 6:50 PM
Friday February 28, 2020: Marli Adult Hockey Group: contact MStarCatch@aol.com if interested
Date: Friday February 28, 2020
Time: 8:00pm - 9:15pm
Tag(s): Oregon Ice Arena, Oregon Ice Arena, Oregon Ice Arena, Oregon Ice Arena, Oregon Ice Arena, Oregon Ice Arena

If interested, please contact Marli: mstarcatch@aol.com

POSTED FEBRUARY 28, 2020 8:00 PM
Friday February 28, 2020: Marli Adult Hockey Group: contact MStarCatch@aol.com if interested
Date: Friday February 28, 2020
Time: 9:30pm - 11:00pm
Tag(s): Oregon Ice Arena, Oregon Ice Arena, Oregon Ice Arena, Oregon Ice Arena, Oregon Ice Arena, Oregon Ice Arena

If interested, contact Marli: mstarcatch@aol.com

POSTED FEBRUARY 28, 2020 9:30 PM
Saturday February 22, 2020: Oregon Squirt C vs Middleton C1
Date: Saturday February 22, 2020
Time: 7:30am - 8:30am
Tag(s): Oregon Ice Arena

POSTED FEBRUARY 22, 2020 7:30 AM
Saturday February 22, 2020: Oregon Squirt A vs Waunakee A
Date: Saturday February 22, 2020
Time: 8:45am - 9:45am
Tag(s): Oregon Ice Arena

POSTED FEBRUARY 22, 2020 8:45 AM
Saturday February 22, 2020: Try Hockey for Free
Date: Saturday February 22, 2020
Time: 10:00am - 11:00am
Tag(s): Oregon Ice Arena

POSTED FEBRUARY 22, 2020 10:00 AM
Saturday February 22, 2020: Oregon Squirt B vs Sun Prairie C1
Date: Saturday February 22, 2020
Time: 11:15am - 12:15pm
Tag(s): Oregon Ice Arena

POSTED FEBRUARY 22, 2020 11:15 AM
Saturday February 22, 2020: Oregon Bantam A vs Patriots A
Date: Saturday February 22, 2020
Time: 12:30pm - 2:00pm
Tag(s): Oregon Ice Arena

POSTED FEBRUARY 22, 2020 12:30 PM
Saturday February 22, 2020: Oregon Bantam B vs Polar Caps B
Date: Saturday February 22, 2020
Time: 2:00pm - 3:30pm
Tag(s): Oregon Ice Arena

POSTED FEBRUARY 22, 2020 2:00 PM
Saturday February 22, 2020: Dread Pirates Games
Date: Saturday February 22, 2020
Time: 4:30pm - 8:00pm
Tag(s): Oregon Ice Arena

POSTED FEBRUARY 22, 2020 4:30 PM

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Tesla receives permission to continue working on its German Gigafactory
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Uber is back in Colombia three weeks after it was banned
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Valve's Index VR production has been impacted by coronavirus
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We Are Family
Even the parents of some of the members of the Sun Prairie boys swim team may be too young to remember the 1979 hit song “We Are Family” by Sister Sledge, but that’s just what the 2019-20 team is all…

POSTED FEBRUARY 20, 2020 11:13 AM
Ford, free throws propel Wisconsin past Purdue
MADISON (AP) — Wisconsin built its lead over Purdue behind the 3-point arc. The Badgers secured the win at the free throw line.

POSTED FEBRUARY 20, 2020 9:26 AM
SPYBAS registration under way
Registration for the 2020 season for Sun Prairie Youth Baseball and Softball (SPYBAS) is under way.

POSTED FEBRUARY 20, 2020 9:14 AM
Missed opportunities cost Cardinals against East
The opportunity was there, time and time again, but Sun Prairie couldn’t capitalize against visiting Madison East falling 75-67 in a Big Eight Conference battle Tuesday at an electric Sun Prairie Field House.

POSTED FEBRUARY 20, 2020 8:41 AM
Cap City earns share of Badger Conference title
WAUNAKEE — The Cap City Cougars entered the game sporting an 18-4-0 record. Their opponent — the Golden Beavers of Beaver Dam — came into the game without a win on the season.

POSTED FEBRUARY 18, 2020 2:15 PM
Yelk, Welch, Stroede, Moore advance to sectionals
Four Sun Prairie wrestlers advanced out of their own regional and have moved one step closer to reaching the WIAA State Tournament.

POSTED FEBRUARY 17, 2020 12:56 PM
Team LeBron tops Team Giannis, 157-155
CHICAGO (AP) — Players were taking charges, bodies were hitting the floor, calls and non-calls were being screamed about on both ends. The fourth quarter of the NBA All-Star Game was as intense as the final moments of a playoff…

POSTED FEBRUARY 17, 2020 11:22 AM
Davison goes off
LINCOLN, Neb. — Brad Davison couldn’t hit a shot in practice the last two days, but that changed Saturday when he scored 30 points on 8-of-11 3-point shooting to lead Wisconsin to an 81-64 win and send Nebraska to its…

POSTED FEBRUARY 17, 2020 11:10 AM
Cardinals step up against Purgolders
Without their leading scorer and rebounder the Sun Prairie girls basketball team had to rely on its depth in a key Big Eight Conference meeting with visiting Madison East.

POSTED FEBRUARY 17, 2020 10:39 AM
Split leaves Sun Prairie out of Big Eight race
Good news, bad news.

POSTED FEBRUARY 17, 2020 9:59 AM

Southeast Wisconsin Fishing Report

Fishing Report 8-24-19
Fishing is going strong overall, but patterning fish remains inconsistent from day to day. Once you're on a solid bite, stick with it.

Conditions around the area are typical for the end of August. After this batch of stable, but cooler weather, weed growth is at summer peak and water temps are hovering in the low to mid 70's.

Panfish have really slowed down over the last ten days. Crappie and bluegill continue to bite along weedlines or suspended out over deep water. Plastics tipped with live bait, tail hooked minnows and leafworms fished vertically or with slip bobbers will produce, but you may have to put in a little time to find the keeping size fish. Evenings, especially both sides of dusk, have been better, as is typical for this time of year. If you're out with the kids and just need to catch some for "action" purposes, visually look for schools around the docks and fish for them with bobbers and small live bait.

Largemouth continue to run late summer patterns. On the sunny days, look for them around docks or slop, or out deep on the weed edges. Topwater bite has been excellent, especially early in the morning. There's a batch of fish using weed clumps in mid-depth (6-12 FOW) water that will bite all day, but you have to fish very tight to cover, and very methodically. This has been the best pattern in terms of consistency over the last couple of weeks, and it is working great for people who put in the time.

Smallmouth fishing has been spotty like it has been most of the season. I'm not saying you can't catch fish, but you'll need to be ready to make some changes on the fly to stay on an active bite. If you can find some active fish, you can do well, but making that connection can be a tough nut to crack consistently. Look for them around the edges of the  rock bars or sand/rock transition areas early, but by mid-morning the fish will be deeper than you think they should be. Jigworms, grubs, minnowbaits, tubes (watermelon red especially) and small white crankbaits.

Walleye fishing dropped off a bit as many people started pulling out the musky gear. Some fish are coming out of 18-25 FOW, but finding some fish in the weeds early and late in the day is your best bet. I'd jig tight to weed edges with the biggest leaches you can find, or lindy rig with small suckers. If you're out close to dark, you may be able to trigger some fish casting minnowbaits like rapalas, rouges or thundersticks over weed clumps adjacent to deeper water or at the ends of points. The cooler temps have pulled some fish shallower.

Pike fishing has been steady and i probably your best bet for action fishing right now. Lots of undersized fish are being caught in the shallow and mid-depth areas. I'd consider moving out deeper and using live bait on a slip sinker rig, trying to connect with active fish in 18-22 or 22-25 feet of water. There is action early in the day on buzzbaits fished over shallow flats, and throwing reapers at deeper patches of weeds in the evenings (very common late summer patterns).

Musky: Still Early, but lots of people are out doing it. Most anglers are reporting some lazy follows but most of the fish are mid-30's to low 40 inch fish. Great time to start fishing rising gliders. and burning blades around weed edges. I think we're still a week or two out from the start of the good part of the year, but shops are getting suckers in, so get out if you can.


POSTED AUGUST 24, 2019 12:50 PM
Summer wrapping up....time to get on the water. (Fishing Report 8-16-19)
The end run of summer begins this week.

Time to get on the water. As we move into mid August look for fish in the usual summer places, but watch for them to have periods of time where they will actively feed. Water temps are in the mid to high 70's, but are slowly trending down due to the changes in the photocycle and the length of daylight. This is a trigger mechanism for the fish, and you can expect to see activity levels peak and ebb during each day. The photocycle really starts dominating fish activity this time of year because it is tied to everything else.

Panfish are still holding in deeper water, and will continue to do so for a couple of weeks. Look for them to suspend along weedlines in 12-22 feet of water, or to suspend over deeper sandgrass about 14-18 feet down over 40-50 feet of water. Out with the kids the last couple of weeks, we caught lots of nice gills just above the bottom in deep sand along the 12-18 foot drops, and suspended just off the transition.

Crappies can be taken suspended over midlake structure or cribs/ Fish vertical with a tightline. Plastics tipped with spikes or waxies, tail hooked minnows or small jig and plastic combos have been productive.

Largemouth will continue to come in using two primary patterns in the short term. On the sunny  days, you can find them around shallow docks, wood laydowns, slop and scattered weed clumps.  As the sun gets up, look for them to move tighter to overhead cover, but here will be periods of time during the day where their activity level will increase for a short spell.

Be ready to switch tactics on the fly as they switch on and off. Look for them around transition areas and over flats where the topwater bite can really be fantastic even in the middle part of the day.

Deeper fish will continue to use weededges and points that reach out to 12-18 feet of water, but don't overlook schools of fish chasing bait over deep water about 6-12 feet below the surface. Some fish are relating to rockbars in 5-12 feet of water as the crayfish move up for the last run of the late summer molt. Tube baits and skirted grubs are a great way to target these fish.

Smallmouth are starting the early fall pattern of making 3 maybe 5 shallow foraging moves each day. When you are contacting active fish in shallow water, the bite can be incredible. Topwaters, including size 9 or 11 floating rapalas (classic patterns are classic for a reason) or poppers in natural patterns can get you started, but be ready to switch to tubes, wacky, skirted grubs or twister tail grubs as the day progresses. When things are slower, look for them to be just off the first major break in deeper water. Crankbaits in white or chartreuse, spinners or live bait are better for the deeper fish, we caught several very nice smallies this week on leeches when targeting walleyes. 

Walleyes will continue to hold in their summer patterns for another couple of weeks, but they will quickly make a move to shallower weedy areas as the baitfish move in for their fall spawning run. For now jigging or backtrolling with live bait around weededges or drop-offs in 12-18 feet of water is a good place to start, and be ready to adjust to deeper water on sunny days or shallower on cloudy or windy days.  A steady breeze is your friend, because you can drift. If its still, you may need to rip jig in brush or weeds for consistent action.

 A few fish are appearing on mid-lake structure but many are staging off main-lake points, especially where there is bottom transitions from rock to sand or from sand to muck. Trolling with bottom bouncers and spinner harnesses or drifting with live bait rigs are great ways to target these fish. Regardless of where you go, bring lots of bait and expect to see some cats and whitebass mixed into your catch.

Northern pike activity has been s steady all summer, and I wouldn't expect that to change. Smaller pike can almost always be found in shallow water around weed clumps and inside weededges adjacent to rock bars/shorelines. Larger pike can be taken trolling cranbkaits or backtrolling live bait along deeper weed edges, especially in 12-20 feet of water.

Musky fishing is starting to pick back up as the water cools. Hit those major windows, and look for fish around the ends of weedypoints where panfish and perch are suspending over open water.

Good Luck Out There.


POSTED AUGUST 17, 2019 1:51 PM
Fishing Report 7-19-19
Hey gang,

Well the hot part of summer dropped in on us this week, and conditions have changed substantially on our area lakes. Water temps are in themid 80s, but it was the air temps and humidity you had to watch out for this week.

The other key factor on the water is that the majority of local lakes are way down from a couple of weeks ago. While you won't notice much a difference on the main lake, areas that are current based, there's not much happening. If you can find some flowing water, it'll have bait and some quality fish fish in it.

Panfish have moved to mid-summer depths. Look for them suspended off weed lines and main lake points about 18-22 feet down over deep water. The bug and shiner hatches over the last ten days really have them schooled up out deep, but in areas with shade and current, you can still find some decent keepers shallow, and with the water temperatures we have right, they are almost cooked by the time you reel them in. Drifting with slip bobbers, tightlining vertically or long-lining split shot rigs tipped with live bait is the best way to target keepers. Watch for bugs surfacing in the mornings and evenings, and there will be fish nearby.

Bass fishing was surprisingly good given the heat. Some fish are on the weedlines in 12-18 and 18-22 FOW, but a decent number are still holding along the shallow to deep transitions lines that have thick weeds on them. Crankbaits, slow-rolled spinner baits, flapper grubs or texas rigs are the best options on the deeper fish. Live bait in the form of larger shiners or small suckers on a slip sinker rig with produce. Look for feeding periods from just before sun-up until about 8:30-9, and then again from about 4pm to just after dark. The fish are actively chasing bait during these periods, and can be caught on grubs, ringworms, ned rigs, flapper tail grubs, and jigworms. Topwater action slowed down a bit since the heat set in, but is still producing early. After the initial feeding, look for fish to get tight to shallow cover, docks, slop or weed edges, and then chase them down with wacky, tubes, and jig/craw combos. Pay attention to the shadows, and don't be afraid to make multiple skips or pitches to fishy looking spots. The slop bite was producing, but producing lots of smaller fish right now. Best bite has been on shallow weedflats with scattered cover, where you can visibly see baitfish schooled up and swimming around. This week I caught fish at essentially every depth between 18 inches and 30 feet.

Smallmouth action has been a little slower. They are still biting, but like the largemouths there's periods of time during the day for active feeding. The crayfish are not in full molt yet, and when that starts expect the smallie action to go gangbusters for 10 days - 2 weeks. Right now you can catch some smallies on the flats and mainlake structure, especially along the drop-off edges, or suspended off the breaks in deep water. Tubes, wacky, grubs and soft jerkbaits are all producing the shallow fish, while suspending jerkbaits and crankbaits are catching the deeper fish. Docks were holding some fish late last week, and I was catching some decent numbers and sized fish using a downsized presentation before the bite dropped off .

The walleye were biting at either end of the day, especially just before dawn and around sunset, but after the weather shifted the bite got tough. The fish I was seeing this week were in the deep weed edges in 14-18 FOW, but I know some guys fishing at night were getting some as shallow as 6 FOW just after dark.

Northern Pike fishing has slowed down with the heat. Deeper pike are biting good, especially those patrolling deep sand flats. Crankbaits, live bait or spinner baits will produce.

Musky fishing has been very slow, but a few people are trolling for them. Look for them to be suspended around schools of cisco over the deepest water. Please be careful with caught muskies this time of year, the heat is very hard on them. Give them plenty of time when reviving them, and don't keep them out of the water any longer than necessary.

Good Luck,

POSTED JULY 20, 2019 12:21 AM
Fishing Report 7-12-19
Overall conditions haven't changed much during the last little bit. The water is still high on many area lakes, but has come down a bit overall with the higher temperatures. Water temps are high 70's to low 80's.

Weeds are about summer average, but the story there is the explosive growth of the milfoil again this season. Lots of fish are using the beds of milfoil that have taken root in areas of our local lake that don't traditionally have weeds.

Panfish are done spawning for the most part. Just need some to reel in with the kids? Docks and swim platforms are you best bets, but shady banks with sandy or gravel bottoms can hold some as well. Looking for keepers? Crappie are on the deep weededges and suspending over cribs or humps in deeper water. Areas where a weed edge touches a drop off to much deeper water are especially good places to start. They were a little higher in the column than the last couple of weeks, but that may have been schools of baitfish as well. Bluegills are suspending about 12-18' down over much deeper water. Slipbbobbers or tight-lining with live bait or plastics has been working, but drifting through the schools was the key element to continued success.

Bass fishing has remained steady but you may have to work them a little now that the water temps are up. There's an early bite happening on most lakes up until about 8:15am. Then fish are moving into the weeds, under piers or into the slop. They can also be targeted around overhanging cover or weededges adjacent to deeper water. The bite is picking up again around 4:30 and remains fairly consistent until dark. Fish are being taken in shallow water on wacky worms, tubes, skirted grubs, ned rigs and shaky head worms. Deeper fish are coming on jigworms, texas rigged plastics or jigs with a craw or chunk trailer. Crankbaiting deep weed points , a classic summer pattern, got going this week as well. Live bait, chubs, leeches or crawlers on a slip sinker or lindy rig have also been catching some fish as deep as 22 FOW on the clear water lakes.

Northern pike continue to bite.As is typical for this point in the season, shallow fish are still being caught on spinnerbaits, buzzbaits and lipless crankbaits around shallow weed clumps on the flats in 5-10 FOW. Deeper fish are being taken using live bait, chubs and/or shiners, long lined on slip-sinker rigs. Trolling deep-diving crankbaits in natural or reflective patterns like SK-5D's, Norman D22's, hot n tots, or wiggle warts around the weed edges has also been producing some fish. 18-22 FOW seems to be the hot zone for pike right now, but don't be surprised to find them out deeper.

Walleye fishing has picked back up. The wind during this last stretch has really pushed the walleye back into shallower water. If you're going to look for them, I'd start by trolling small minnow baits around the ends of deep points and midlake bars trying to find some suspended fish, or back troll (slowly) around deep weed edges in 18-22 fow with live bait. Once you have them located, set up and jig for them vertically. I caught walleyes in as shallow as 6 and as deep as 22 FOW this week.

Catfishing on the Rock and Fox has been decent, but most of the fish that are being caught are a little smaller. You want a meal...its a great option, if you're looking to do battle with a monster, you might want to wait a bit. Cutbait has been outproducing stink bait or nightcrawlers, just know the water is very high, very dirty...you'll need to be precise with a presentation, and use a very heavy rig to keep contact with it.

Musky fishing has dropped off a bit as anglers hang up their gear in the warmer water. Most of the fish that are being caught while trolling deep edges and over deep flat structure in 22-45 fow, but a few are still coming on topwater during low light periods, especially very early in the morning. Look for them suspended around deep water structure, especially the deep end of long points.

Good Luck.


POSTED JULY 12, 2019 9:16 PM
Happy 4th of July: Fishing Report 7-3-19
In town for the holiday? Want to get out yourself or let the kids have some fun?  I have some openings both this and next week. Call (262-893-2183) or Email Me for more information

Long week/ weekend ahead with the holiday, fireworks and so expect to see lots of people on the water, assuming the rains don't keep them away.

Our last 10 days has seen some crazy unstable weather.  Around the area...water temps are mid 70's after the cooler nights and several days of heavy rain. Water levels are very high around the area, several lakes are slow no wake, so make sure you check at the launch.

Weed growth is about average for this time of year, there's finally schools of baitfish swimming around, with big (but very late) hatches of pin minnows and panfish over the last 10 days.

Importantly: Remember that the sun is at its most direct over the next couple of weeks. You can really increase your success by fishing early mornings, evenings and if you can stand the bugs, at night. (It also helps with the afternoon boat traffic and those pesky jetskis.)

Panfish Looking for action for the kids? Small panfish can be caught in shallow water using a small hook, bobber and live bait, especially around docks or swim platforms.  I recommend a size 10 red hook, a small split shot and wax worms for live bait. Keep it close to docks, visible weed clumps in shallow water or swim platforms. You'll catch them fast and furious.

Looking for keepers? A few fish are still spawning, but I saw hatched bluegill fry swimming around (and being fed on) today (Tuesday 7-2) when I was out. The better sized fish are being caught out of the deeper water by anglers drifting and fishing vertically or with slip sinker rigs. Look for better sized gills to be in 10-15 FOW. If you're on a deep school, but not catching keepers, get your bait down a little deeper.

Crappie are suspending over deep water, and along weed edges, and the activity has been steady by anglers who find the schools. Tight-lining with small plastics or a tail hooked minnow works great. I'd start your search around the deeper edges of weedy points, but look for crappies to be 8-12 feet down.

Largemouth bass are catchable in a variety of ways. Look for them in inside weed edges in 4-6 FOW and the outside edges in 8-15 FOW. These fish can be caught on a variety of tackle: spinnerbaits, crankbaits, texas rigs, wacky worms, ned rigs, shakey heads, grubs and tubes.  Looking for some real fun? Topwaters are still catching fish over the weedflats in 5-8 feet right now, but only consistently before and at first light, and the topwater bite drops off substantially by 9am.

Tip: Not a regular angler, but want to catch some bass while you're in town this week? Get some leeches, and fish them around the edges of visible weeds in 10-12 FOW on a slip sinker rig with a 1/4 oz egg sinker. (You can send me an email to thank me later.)

Smallmouth bass fishing was average the last 10 days. Fish are using rocky points and bars with current on them especially early and later in the day. Most fish are holding on the deep side of breaks or suspending off mainlake structure, coming in briefly to forage. Skirted grubs, twister tails, tubes, wacky worms, shakey heads, lipless crankbaits, jerkbaits or floating rapalas are your best tackle options, but small suckers has been working in the deep sand in 18-25 feet.

Tip: Get up early or stay up late.

Walleye fishing has been slow since it got hot out. Anglers putting in time are catching a fish, although keepers have been hard to come by. Fish continue to be caught along outside weed edges or off deeper flats with sandgrass/milfoil patches. Slip bobbers or split shot rigs with live bait or suckers, backtrolled on lindy or a slip-sinker  rig has been producing the larger fish. Fishing over the tops of weed clumps near breaklines with floating rapala minnows, flukes, small reapers, jigworms or twister tail grubs is grabbing a few as well, especially during low light conditions.

Tip: Fish for action, not for food.

Pike fishing picked up substantially. Active fish are using the shallow weedflats to feed on small baitfish, including a massive bloom in juvenile panfish. Fish with willow leaf spinnerbaits, lipless crankbaits, small bucktails or buzzbaits tight to scattered weedclumps in 4-8 FOW. Larger pike:  try the weedline in 12-18 feet of water and fish with suckers or large shiners on a slip sinker rig or troll with deep diving crankbaits as close to the weedline as you can.

Tip: Buzzbaits!

Musky fishing remains slow overall. Anglers continue to report lots of lazy follows, and that was certainly the case when I was out Sunday. If you want to target musky, follow your charts, and fish the windows. When I was out over the weekend, we moved several fish during the peak window and I've heard similar reports from other people who have been checking in.

Tip: Downsize that presentation, because Damn! Some guys are throwing some awful big stuff out there right now.

Around the area:

Okauchee:  Bass are on the piers, in the slop and on the weed edges in 8-15 FOW. Lots of action from smaller pike in the shallow weed flats. Musky are feeding during the major periods, but are otherwise holding in 18-22 fow. Nothing substantial to report on panfish as the spawn is largely over, but look for them to be schooled up at the end of points over deeper water. Water is very high, and areas with current are productive. 

Garvin: Great spot for panfish lately with some nice keepers. Look for the sunken wood in 10-15 feet. Musky are still using the treeline break and suspending off the south drop. Bass are using the shallow flat areas. Pike are on the deep weedlines and suspending over the deeper water.

Oconomowoc: Smallmouth fishing has slowed way down this season, but Largemouth fishing has been fantastic.. Mornings and evenings have been best. Bass are holding on the obvious structural breaks and suspending off the deep ends of the mainlake points. Guys are catching some nice panfish out there this year, but the walleye fishing really dropped off this week.

Fowler: Small panfish are biting, a few LM were caught in the river and out of the deeper areas with some surface slop or lilly pads. Pike are on the weedlines, as usual. Note with the flow in the Oconomowoc River right now, you may need to work the current seams for continuing success.

Lac Labelle: Walleye fishing is moving toward its typical summer pace. Weed edges along the 8-12 foot breaks are still holding fish as are drop-offs in 18-25 FOW. Bass are on the rocks, rip rap and around the docks. White and yellow bass have been schooling up in the early evenings over open water areas.

Moose:  Bass and pike have been a little slow, especially for keepers. Target the breaks and weed clumps in shallow water with crankbaits or spinners. Backtrolling with small suckers on a slip sinker rigs around the first major drop to deep water. Mornings have been better.  Plenty of easy to catch, albeit small, panfish in the shallows for the kids to have some fun, but the water is very, very hight right now.

Ashipunn: Bass and pike have been biting, and the action is close to average for this time of year. Best bet on Ashipunn is to concentrate on the visible weed patches, and work them from a variety of angles with spinners or plastics. Flipping tubes, lizards or long straight tailed worms to visible weed pockets is producing numbers. Panfish are mostly off the beds and are suspending right off the deep weed edge.

Golden: Bluegills are moving out to deeper water, suspending over the deep part of the basin, but holding close to weed edges adjacent to deeper water. Crappie are in huge schools suspending off the points and weed edges. Bass have been biting best in the morning, but a deeper weedline bite has been picking up, especially in the afternoon.. Topwaters, plastics and spinners are all producing. Pike have been biting, especially on small suckers fished along the deep weedlines and on spinnerbaits fished through the weedy areas.

Silver:  Bass can be caught using plastics around the weed clumps in 4-10 feet or around piers and boat lifts. Crappies have been suspending over the east cribs, and keeper bluegills are holding in the deep sandgrass in 12-18 FOW. Some anglers are targeting larger panfish in 15-22 FOW.

Nagawicka: Largemouths are average, and in summer patterns so look to catch them off boat docks, in the slop and along the shallow weed edges. Pike have been average, especially on crankbaits or buzzbaits fished over weed edges at either end of the lake.

Pewaukee: Bass have been very active, but a bit on the smaller side. Musky anglers are seeing, but not catching, many fish. Walleye fishing has been better in the evenings, and awful slow during the day.

Lower and Middle Genessee: Panfish have moved to the deeper water with sandgrass, and largemouths are being caught around shallow to mid depth weeds. Lindy rigging with live bait, especially leeches or leafworms  has been very good for both bass and panfish.

Good luck, and stay safe on the water this holiday weekend.

POSTED JULY 03, 2019 2:30 AM
Fishing Report 6-20-19
Conditions around the area have been challenging lots of people. The mix of unstable weather, low water temps and some windy conditions really slowed down fishing activity the last week. Sadly, it really was great week to be on the water.

Around the area, right now most lakes are in the mid 60's, and frankly that's fairly cold for mid-June. Weed growth varies from lake to lake, but is about average for this point in the year. Importantly, the cooler water temps have kept some of the baitfish from spawning/hatching out, and finding bait cam be really important to having solid success.

Bluegills are in an odd place. The water got up into the low 70's before the last run of fronts, but with the drop back, it has slowed spawning activity some. If you're looking for action, areas of beds can still be found in the shallows, but they've been heavily picked over on many lakes, so if you want some bigger fish, move out to 8-12 feet of water and look for beds in gravel and sandy areas. Vertical fishing with a split shot and live bait rig works great, as does pulling a 1/8 ounce lindy/or slip sinker rig with a short leader through likely areas. (Try panfish leaches if you can find them, or plastics tipped with waxworms or leafworms.) If you can find fish on a sand flat, drifting through them can be really effective.

Bass are in what I can best describe as a post-spawn, but actively feeding pattern, with lots of areas and techniques producing. On cloudy days  topwater and crankbaits are catching lots of fish over open water areas, especially weed patches (look for milfoil beds especially) on the mid-depth flats in 6-12 feet of water. On sunny days, especially those with lots of wind, fish are tighter to cover or using shallow sand and rock bars in 3-8 feet of water. Plastics, flipped, skipped or pitched are great ways to target these fish. Live bait on slip sinker rigs are catching some fish for anglers making solid drifts over productive areas. Fish were in both deep and crazy shallow water this week. Ned rigs continue to put fish in the boat for many people, but grubs, pre-rigged worms, texas rigs, jig and chunks and even skirted grubs are all producing. I caught some serious numbers and sized fish this week, but had to work for them to do so. Finesse is helping, but for the love of Pete, just try slowing down. The fish are where they should be, but you have to get a presentation into their narrow strike zone to get bit consistently.

Good rule of thumb: if you thinking you're going slow enough, that's still twice as fast as you should fish.

Pike fishing was fairly steady this week, but there were lots of undersized fish coming in. So Action good, results: limited. The best way to find pike has been to locate concentrations of baitfish, and then fish through those areas with a purpose. Active fish can come shallow, so look for shallow flats or weedy areas with easy access to deep water. The usual casting techniques will catch pike--spinners, lipless cranks, buzzbaits, spoons...but don't overlook a Husky Jerk, Shadow Rap, Floating Rapala or a reaper.

Walleye fishing has been better on the windy days. Fish on Lac Labelle, Oconomowoc, North and Fox Lake are using shallow weed edges but with the brighter sun days ahead, if you can find a weed edge in 15-18 FOW, sit on it. Jigging with live bait or drifting with lindy rigs/ spinner harnesses has been productive Trolling with Shad Raps/Flicker Shads is picking up, as is typical for this time of year. Find some fish.....there will be a pile of them close by, but don't expect to have long periods of activity. Caught some decent ones in the last week by really downsizing my rigs and jigs, but going bigger on the leeches.

Musky fishing continues to perplex people. The conditions seem awesome, but I heard lots of reports of blanks from people putting in some time.  Gliders and bucktails seem to be producing the most follows, but converting fish has been difficult, and most people are reporting mid to high 30'd fish are the ones they are seeing. I heard nothing good about topwaters this week, and I was told lots of guys struck out throwing rubber. Tough bite, but on the positive side I had two different people tell me they had raised fish at the ends of points (on two different lakes as well), but only on points that were shallow with sand and where gills were spawning nearby.

POSTED JUNE 21, 2019 2:09 AM
Fishing Report 6-13-19
Well gang, we have some serious fishing going on right now.

The wind made things challenging this week. Lots of people were beating the banks in protected cuts and bays...but the real action was on the middle of main-lake flats. The bite is very good, and the water conditions have stabilized, even if the weather hasn't. If you've been waiting to get on the water, you're missing some solid fishing right now.

The bluegills are spawning on most area lakes. Better panfish are being caught out of the deeper sand and suspended over deeper water. You'll still find some fish up in the shallow to mid depth on the nest.  A good starting point is the deeper water adjacent to areas where you see beds in the shallow water. A slip sinker rig with an 1/8oz egg weight or lindy sinker above a short leader with a panfish leach or helgramite spider can put some quality gills in the boat right now.

Bass are starting to work traditional summer patterns, but the weather is making patterning fish a bit of a puzzle from day to day.  Docks, rockbars, slop, scattered weeds on flats have all been producing. The best bite for largemouth has been on the flats, but the weather kept lots of folks away this week. Slop bite is picking up steam on many of the smaller lakes. The topwater bite has been steady, but most topwater fish are being caught before 8am on sunny mornings on days when the wind isn't blowing. Pop-R's with an orange or red belly have been producing some nice schooling fish and jointed rapalas and gliders are catching some nice smallies. When on the feed, fish are patrolling shallow flat areas, and covering water on the larger flats can really run up your numbers right now.  As the sun gets high, look for fish around (but not necessarily under) docks and in the mid depth water adjacent to longer points. Wacky, Ned Rigs Jigworms, Grubs, Ringworms, Jig/chunk, Skirted grubs, Pre-rigged worms, Texas rigs and Sliders will all catch fish.

Musky fishing continues to be good inconsistent. The most active fish have come on deep divers, gliders and large tubes fished along the deepest weedlines you can find. A few are being caught on topwaters, especially on Okauchee, Fowler and Lac Labelle.

Walleye action has picked back up. Leeches under slip bobbers are catching fish in 12-15 feet, especially around weed/rock transition areas. Suckers fished on a split shot rig have been taking some  better fish, especially in the late evenings. Weededges are the areas to key on, especially in 7-12 feet of water.

Pike action was red hot this week, with lots of people fishing for bass catching bonus pike. Fish the weed flats and outside edges with spinners or live bait. Smaller, wide wobbling crankbaits, buzzbaits and lipless crankbaits are really producing for the action seekers. Reapers, inline spinners and large jerkbaits are catching some better fish. Northern pike fishing with live bait is a great way to fish right now. Look for major structure in the early mornings and late evenings and drift with lindy rigged suckers catching the majority of the fish.

If you've got specific questions: Feel free to email me.


POSTED JUNE 14, 2019 2:57 AM
Fishing Report 6-7-19
Hey gang, it looks like we're finally going to get some stable conditions. Water temps are still in the mid to high 60's on most area lakes. Weed growth is still way behind the average. Bluegills are starting on nests, especially in sandy or pea gravel areas, and baitfish schools are still hard to come by consistently.

Panfish: Suprisingly, Crappie were the real story of the last week as second stage spawners moved into the wood and reeds and did there business. Typically when bluegills are on the beds, people abandon crappie fishing for about two weeks, but anglers were really on some nice bags of keepers the last ten days. For crappie, look for them in wood that hangs over, or reaches into deeper water, and fish in the branches with slip bobbers and small jigs tipped with live bait. For bluegills, there's plenty of action fish that can be caught in the shallows right now, but if you're looking for better fish, split shot or lindy rigs with panfish leeches in 8-12 FOW will produce.

Largemouth: Spawn is over, but the post spawn is not. The bite has been a bit slow overall, (tough conditions and low tournament weights over the last 10 days). You're going to see lots of active smaller fish, but if you're catching fish consistently, stick with it and the bigger fish will come. Weeds (if you can find them) and docks are holding fish, but the bulk of the fish are in the areas where bluegills are spawning. Rocks will have some fish, and a jig and craw or skirted grub can produce if you stay mobile. There isn't much slop out there yet, but if you can find some it'll likely have some fish. Just about any presentation will work right now, but let the fish tell you how to do it/

Smallmouth: The bite has been inconsistent, but with the weather changes, patterning fish has been difficult. Look for them to be foraging on rock bars and in sand/gravel or sand/rock transitions in 4-8 and 12-15 FOW. Grubs, Skirted Grubs, Spinnerbaits, tubes and jerkbaits are solid bets, but until conditions stabilize a bit, expect some hit or miss fishing. If you can find some fish deep, jig and leech or lindy rigs with small suckers or chubs might be the answer to a tough bite. With the next batch of weather coming in, I expect things will really get going.

Walleye fishing has been absolutely hit or miss the last ten days. Some days people are tearing them up, but other days you wouldn't know there were any in the lake. Fish have been caught as shallow as 3 FOW, but the bulk of the fish seem to be holding in the transitions or drop offs in 12-15 FOW. Live bait rigs or jigs during the day, casting with jig/grub, jig/small swimbait or jig/ringworm combos has been working early and late.

Pike fishing has been an interesting mix. They have been reasonably difficult to catch when targeted, but anglers chasing bass, walleye or musky have been catching lots of them. Most of the fish have been running small, but a few mid 30's fish were caught this week. Look for weeds that have baitfish in them and then cast with lipless crankbaits, spinners or buzzbaits. Live bait, suckers or large shiners on a slip sinker rig with a heavy leader is your best bet. Action: 4-8 FOW, Size 10-15 FOW.

Musky has been fairly slow. Anglers are seeing lots of fish, but lazy follows have been the consistent report. Stay with it, and watch your solar lunar tables for activity windows. Consider downsizing your bait some as well. Okauchee has been slow and steady, as has Garvin, I've heard nothing on Oconomowoc. Pewaukee has been average, while Fowler and North have been the most active in the last 10 days.

Good luck out there.

POSTED JUNE 07, 2019 10:49 AM
Fishing Report 5-30-2019
Hey gang,

Its is almost June, but you wouldn't know it by the weather or the conditions. Water temps are still in the low 60's in most places. Water is high everywhere close to home, and there's more rain on the way.

Everyone has good days and bad days...but I'll tell you, when its been on, it has been great...on the other days, I'm putting fish in the boat, but I'm grinding for them. The better part of consistent fishing is patterning fish....and it has been difficult to do it day to day.

A couple of things to keep in mind as you head out. Most, but not all of the LM and SM are done spawning, so on top of lousy conditions, it is post spawn. You need to slow down. Think you have? You're still going way too fast.

Second, making contact with the cover has been real important for triggering bites. I am catching fish every time out, but keeping the presentation in the strike zone (which has been very small some days) has been the key.

Panfish bluegills are staging for the spawning process. Crappies are at the end of their run,  but the bluegills are just getting started. I'm starting to see some beds in the shallow water, especially in areas of sand or small gravel, but these tend to be the smaller fish. If you're looking for decent keepers, you need to look for those fish in 10-12 FOW. They are hard to find with the eye but a good starting point is the deeper water adjacent to areas where you see beds in the shallow water. Rock Bass have been biting like crazy everywhere, and could be a solid option if you're heading out with the kids.(Best bets: Middle Gen, Lower Nehmabin, Nag, Okauchee, Garvin, Keesus, Silver)

Largemouth are at the end of the spawn. You may still find a few fish on nests, but many are defending fry or starting to feed on juvenile bluegills. Most fish are patrolling shallow flat areas or are feeding hard around rockpiles and roadbeds. Look for them around scattered weeds or near where bluegills are starting to spawn, this a great pattern to work right now. This is topwater season, and poppers, jointed floating minnows and smaller walk the dog baits (like  zara spooks) can really produce. As the sun gets high, look for fish around docks and in first deep water adjacent to longer points. Wacky, Ned Rigs, Tubes, Jigworms, Jig/chunk, Skirted grubs, pre-rigged worms, Texas rigs and Sliders will all catch fish.

Hot Tip of the Week: Go Old school and try the Old Davey Hite Floating Worm technique. Usually only works for a week or so, but with the season we're having, it is working great. (Orange is my favorite BTW)

(North, Keesus, Okauchee, Pewaukee, Oconomowoc, Golden, Forest, Silver, Ashippun.)

Smallmouth The active fish are in small wolfpack schools, patrolling shallow bars, points and drops with rock/weed transitions. Tubes, grubs, jerkbaits, spinners, topwater and live leeches or small suckers on lindy rigs are producing. (Pine, Oconomwoc, Lac Labelle, Nag, Upper and Lower Nehmabin, Beaver)

Northern pike are making move out to the deeper weed edges. Look for them in 10-15 or 12-18 FOW. Live bait on slip sinker rigs is always the most consistent approach for larger pike. If you're looking for faster action...square bill or lipless crankbaits, buzzbaits, spoons, oversized grubs, Husky Jerks or spinners fished around shallow weeds, especially in flat areas will all produce. (Nag (Red hot!) Golden, Kessus, Fowler, Okauchee)

Walleye are using the heavy current, and relating the rock/weed transitions. Pitching jigs tipped with live bait into the holes on the weed edges or ends of weedlines has been very productive. Back trolling lindy rigs or pulling spinner harnesses along transition edges is producing. (Pine, Nag, Oconomowoc, Fowler, Lac Labelle).

Trout Stocked Trout fishing has still been good on many of the local lakes that got fish. The cooler weather and rain has pushed many of the fish deeper than they have been. Corn is always a bait option, but smaller minnows (crappie sized), red worms or scented plastics have been working. One person told me they caught a limit using a small gold mepps spinner.

Musky fishing reports have been slow (and scattered), but it might have more to do with the number of people fishing than the conditions of the bite. Reports suggest Pewaukee has been slow, and Okauchee is giving up a few smaller fish. Oconomowoc has been the most consistent. Gliders and bucktails have been the most productive daytime, with topwater giving up a few fish at dawn or just after the sun sets. I heard three independent people tell me that white skirt with a silver blade was the bucktail they used to catch a fish this week.

Around the area: Whitebass and Catfish are biting on the Rock River, but reports are a bit hard to come by.

See ya on the water. Be safe out there.

POSTED MAY 30, 2019 3:10 PM
Memorial Day 2019 Fishing Report

Overall, water temps are in the high 50's to low 60's in mainlake areas and to low to mid 60's in the shallower protected areas. Current areas are still flowing very fast and strong, weedgrowth is far behind normal for this time of the season. A few Mayfly hatches have started, but with the weather the way it has been, information and conditions have been a bit on the slow side. I haven't been out as much as I would like, but conditions seem to be fairly average for Memorial Day Weekend: Its going to rain alot.

Bluegills  Look for fish around woods or docks in 2-8 feet of water, and be ready to move shallower as the temperatures warm up this weekend. Current areas and spawning areas (like sandy or gravel areas) will have lots of fish, as will isolated patches of weeds in 8-12 FOW. Waxworms,  redworms and plastics are taking fish, but bigger gills have been hard to come by in any significant number.
(Try: Okauchee, Garvin, Golden, Nag, Middle Gen, Ashipunn, Pretty, Phantom and Lower Nashotah)

Crappie fishing has been slow, but steady since the opener. Some fish have spawned, but a few are still hanging around shallow wood and reeds in the usual areas. (You'll know which batch of fish you're on by how dark the ones you catch are.) Minnows, hooked through the tail on a small hook (#8 or #10), waxworms and plastics have all been taking fish. Although you may have to do some searching, you'll find schools of fish are in small areas, so move until you find fish, and then set-up on them. (Try: Okauchee (especially the North Flat, Bay Five and the Crane's Nest), Garvin, Kessus, Nag, Golden and Silver.

Largemouth The recent weather kept lots of people off the water. Depending on who you talk with, people are catching fish targeting them in shallow water, but a few fish are still being caught off the open areas on flats with scattered weeds. It might be hard to consistently find bigger fish, especially just ahead of the fronts that are set to come through this weekend, the action could be good in short spurts. If the sun is up, rocks will hold fish throughout the day, but you might need to move around and let fish reset on them. If you target fish on the rocks, a jig and chunk, skirted grub or smaller size crawfish imitating crankbait are the ticket. 

What to throw: Shallow water presentations like jig and chunk or craw, wacky, texas rigged lizards, spinnerbaits or lipless crankbaits will all catch fish right now, but don't overlook smaller topwater presentations. Live bait, nightcrawlers, leeches, large shiners or small suckers are your best bet. (Try: Okauchee, Pewaukee, Lake Five, Oconomowoc, Pine, Lac Labelle, Kessus Nagawicka, Silver, Golden, Fox or Emily)

Smallmouth bass have been active, but are in the process of finishing the spawn. Rock structure, scattered weeds on sand and major points are all holding fish, as are areas of our local lakes that have active current.  Skirted grubs, jigworms, jig and craws, tubes, and soft jerkbaits are all catching fish. Go natural with your color choices this weekend, but don't overlook a chartruese. (Try: Oconomwoc, Pine, Lac Labelle, Nags, Pewaukee, North, Lower Nashotah and the Nemahbin Lakes.)

Walleye have been active, with some keepers being caught in 8-12 feet of water. Slip bobbers, Jig and minnow, jig and leech, and split shot rigs with nightcrawlers or small suckers have been the best way to target eyes. In the evening, a few anglers were catching fish by working minnow baits (floating rapalas or rouges) over isolated weed clumps. This weekend should be red hot for walleyes, especially in the evenings, assuming the weather cooperates. (Try: Oconomowoc, Nag, North, Pine, (For Keepers), Lac Labelle, Pewaukee and Fox (for action))

Northern Pike fishing has picked up some and pike might be your best option for some steady action this holiday weekend with the unstable weather. Spinnerbaits, spoons, buzzbaits, lipless crankbaits, or suspending jerkbaits (like size 11 Husky Jerks or Rouges) are catching fish around shallow weed clumps, or at the edges of coves and marshy areas. If chasing pike with live bait, look for them in 6-12 feet, using small suckers or large shiners on a slip sinker rig or the largest shiner's you can find on a balloon rig around the deeper reeds in a marshy area. (Try: Okauchee, Kessus, Garvin, Nagawicka, Pine, Fowler, Emily, Hot tip: Golden!)

Musky Fishing has been slow, but steady. There are lots of fish in the shallow water chasing, and a few are even being caught on topwaters, but the most consistent action has been coming in 8-15 FOW around the transition areas of mainlake structure. Gliders, jerkbaits, swimbaits and bucktails have been productive, but many anglers continue to describe lots of lazy follows, so figure eights are required on every cast. Gold blade or orange blades with black skirt seems to be the color of the season, but chartruese/copper combos have also been catching some. (Try: Okauchee, Pewaukee, Fowler and Lac Labelle)

If you're in town for the holiday and want to talk some more specific tips, email or call me. I have time available for trips or lessons next week. (Email me here)

Have a great (and safe) holiday weekend.

POSTED MAY 23, 2019 10:52 AM


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POSTED JUNE 17, 2019 11:42 PM
Featured Cheesemonger: Shannon Berry

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POSTED MARCH 27, 2019 10:11 PM

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